Inspire. Learn. Participate. Act

ArtOn is our vehicle for business solutions offered to private and public entities, aiming to integrate art and cultural dimension in their business model, operations and work environment, for the benefit of their consumers, employees and public at large.

We aim to inspire business and public communities to learn, to act and to participate in creating a better living, a better environment, a better tomorrow.

A better and sustainable future.

HALUCINARIUM is the umbrella organization and the overall brand for our art-related business and new cultural driven approach to the environment, processes, operations and communication. The 3 main pillars of our business are the Art Gallery, the Business and Social Events organized in our premises or in other locations, and Art ON, the Art driven Business Solutions and Projects.

ART ON Projects


When art reaches unconventional spaces and environments, the artist’s studio is metamorphosed. He’s high on the scaffold, executing the frescos of the future with SAS, using the industrial solutions of the current age.

Client: Veolia – Apa Nova Bucuresti


A metaphor of the circular economy, of the profound understanding of the contemporary problems like climate change and biodiversity. The water is the ultimate binder of the city, a unifying element of individual dwelling.

Client: Veolia – Apa Nova Bucharest


A hybrid physical and digital experience aiming to open the creative pores of the leading Romanian creative industry. Keep YOU alive is about embracing the future and evolvment without losing yourself in the process.

Client: Unilever South-East Europe