Placed in Bucharest, at the crossroad of main railways, roads and bridges, Halucinarium is the symbol of the revival of the local artistic community. Halucinarium is an interdisciplinary creative powerhouse opened in 2018, a 400 sqm exhibitional space in Bucharest for contemporary art and design. The main focus of Halucinarium is to channel the creative energies of promising contemporary artists and designers into powerful projects that reveal the extraordinary potential of art and science, technology and creativity to create new meaningful ways of engaging with our natural, social and informational environments. For the last year, we have enabled a dynamic dialogue between artists, art professionals, local community and corporate entities based on developing sustainable and ethical solutions to some of the most pressing social and environmental issues.

In 2019 we initiated a curatorial program entitled “Redeeming the Time”, that aims to present to an international public Transilvania’s cultural heritage and its more than 500 years of dynamic interculturalism through the lens of a series of site-specific exhibitions where contemporary artists and designers include the values of local communities, such as eco psychology and emotional sustainability. The relevance of this is to discover, preserve and develop with the help of 21 century technological advancements lesser known aesthetic and cosmological perspectives and meanings which could help us deal with issues such as climate change, the impact of automation of society, health/mental health and wellbeing.

Visits by appointment. Please call: +40.747.971.855