Mara Ploscaru and Jared Marks (RO/US/DE) are multidisciplinary artist duo whose work spans across video, sculpture, installation and performance. Trained in visual arts, respectively in contemporary dance, they blend their knowledge to addresses conceptual utopias and playful correlations across various fields: technology, ecology, philosophy, pop culture and sci-fi. Ploscaru and Marks’ work is inspired by contradictions within the mechanisms that shape our existence within the world today.


Keynote Meditation with Cyber Jaya is an inspirational workshop by artist Jared Marks providing an effective self-help practice and online experience-changing formula that will positively impact the mental and spiritual wellbeing of young and adult users. Deeply touched by the global crisis of unhealthy user behavior and social apathy induced by excessive screen hours, he felt his true calling was to help the lost users of the digital age achieve their mindfulness. Taking a spiritual journey from Los Angeles to Bucharest via Berlin and Indonesia, Jared devoted the past few years to the exploration of the role technology can play in human spiritual evolution. Following a strict meditation practice based on the digital marketing strategies developed at Silicon Valley, he himself went through a spiritual awakening. He gave up his artistic ego to embody Cyber Jaya, the first spiritual leader of the digital age, ubiquitously available for spiritual guidance through his start-up, TechnOm. Keynote Meditation with Cyber Jaya is a one hour workshop structured as a Ted Talk presenting the key aspects of his online spiritual practice.