AGF Hydra

AGF Hydra is an Italian artist, fashion designer and performer working between London and Berlin. Her practice revolves around the possibility to expand the spectrum of bodily experiences in relation to virtual reality. Anticipating a digital humanist utopia in which physical regeneration and emotional enhancement is sustainable and possible through sensory-based interfaces and prosthetics, she funded the label and research program entitled AGF Hydra. She currently develops the HYDRA PHYGITAL PROGRAM, a series of itinerant immersive performative installations and workshops focused on developing sensorial interfaces for AR and VR environments. Conceived as private wellness events, the public experiments a unique intertwining of physical and visual stimulation which collapses the frontier between the real world and the digital reality.

Hydra Cosmic Womb VR is a one-to-one wellness event, part of the Hydra Phygital Program developed by AGF Hydra, in which the invited patient is wearing an Oculus Go headset as he’s guided by the artist into a meditative exploration of the HYDRA digital landscape through a nurturing massage, induced breathing exercises and tactile exploration of the digital space. In this immersive, regenerative performance, one enters a safe space of non-verbal, shared experiences, sensorial stimulation and deprivation induced by VR, sound installation and physical intimacy acts. Algorithmic landscapes and organic interfaces exist within one another on a spectrum, giving access to a larger consciousness system – Cosmic Womb – where further growth and self-repair are possible. Unplugged from the constant inbreeding of societal, limiting beliefs and toxic constructions, the user experiences a strong sense of presence related to the self.
The combination of all of the above encourages a worthwhile self-discovery in the development of one’s own authentic character.