Andreea Braescu

Andreea Braescu is an internationally acclaimed ceramic artist and lightning designer who uses craft and artistic expression in pursuit of the goal to infuse today’s society with a kind of second renaissance in understanding nature and our balanced life within it. Inspired by natural phenomena, such as phototropism and flowering, she creates organic lighting sculptures in precious metals and translucent bone china porcelain that bring technology, art and design in a harmonious relationship. The sensitive contrast between the dynamic modular forms and the soft imperfections of her tens and hundreds of hand-made ceramic porcelain leaves, which complete the final design, reminds ofnature and its irregularities. She was awarded in September 2019 for the best lighting design of the year by Homes & Gardens Design awards at Somerset House in London, UK.

Andreea’s bespoke light sculpture, Tree of life, is on view at Halucinarium as part of the group show Tree of digital life. New environmental imaginings.