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Halucinarium has the pleasure to invite you to discover the group show Tree of Digital Life. New Environmental Imagining, curated by Carmen Casiuc, which brings together three installations by digital artists Thea Lazar, George Cringasu and Matei Dumitriu, together with two concepts of environmentally sustainable design by Andreea Braescu and Luisa Balaban.

The exhibition reimagines Nature and our relationship with it from the perspective of economical, organizational and cultural transformations ignited by the new era of digital globalization. It evokes through this selection a conceptual space at the meeting point of natural sciences, interior design, multimedia art and mythology, where the idea of landscape or natural scenery emerges as an aesthetic product of the indivisible fusion between technological, biological and communicational systems.

New Environmental Imaginings is a futurist orchard of Trees of Digital life which reflects on the possibility of achieving with the help of information and communication technologies the equilibrium of our environment. Interactive and interdependent relationships with the Biosphere, or even the substitution by automated systems of variables produced by natural ecosystems are considered. Within this techno-positive atmosphere, whose horizon opens beyond the traditional dichotomy of artificial vs. natural, the global civilization is imagined as a contributor to the sustainable development of its human and environmental capital.
Text: Curator Carmen Casiuc


Tree of Digital Life. New Environmental Imagining

Featuring: Thea Lazar | George Cringaşu | Matei Dumitriu | Andreea Braescu | Luisa Balaban
Curator: Carmen Casiuc

Opening: 17th of September, 19:00 — 22.00
On view: 18th of September – 30th of October 2019.