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Halucinarium Gallery introduces a new art project: “Fantomatica Istorie naturala”, drawings and graphic installations by Mirela Ivanciu. The exhibition will be on view until 13th of June.
The exhibition’s concept is interpreting in a contemporary key the atmosphere of the old cabinets of curiosities, transposing the viewer in a misterious and bizarre world. Very fashionable during XVIII and XIX centuries, the cabinets of curiosities were displaying all sort of exotic animals, abnormal or simply extraordinary, miniature botanical gardens where rare species were acclimatised, mechanisms and strange objects. An ecosystem kept alive and displayed in an artificial mise en scene, turn apart from their organic context. A peculiar atmosphere, unnatural, an imaginary garden with unusual, rare creatures, birds, animals and plants, all living an illusive artificial life, that somehow seems common, familiar.
Mirela Ivanciu’s exhibition is similar to a contemporary cabinets of curiosities. Large drawings and graphic instalations picturing birds, animals that you might recognize, exotic luxurious gardens. A misterious and bizarre feeling of unorganic, abnormal. An artificial, improvised space. The exhibition creates a unique visual ecosystem where the viewer is guided on a path that takes him out of his comfort zone.
Extrapolating, this process of collecting, of “saving” is also happening these days. Due to pollution and environmental local/global crises, some species and places are directly threatened, many already dissapeared. To keep this ecosystem alive, we sometimes need to create artificial ones, generatig a new concept of cabinets of curiosities. If we do not act, soon, our world, the way we know it, the way we enjoy it now, will charm us only in photos. In cabinets of curiosities.

Opening party: Monday, 6th of May, 19:00.
Curator: Ana Negoita

Read more about MIRELA IVANCIU.

On view: 13 June 2019.

Eleven | 1664 Blanc