Ioana Sisea

Ioana Sisea (b.1987) focuses on the socio-symbolic relations between the artistic object, the artist and the viewer, her artistic practice is medium agnostic. She embraces the freedom to approach various visual media, such as drawing, sculpture, installation and video, and different styles and art genres according to their impact on the spectator’s perception in order to communicate her neo-conceptual ideas in an effective manner. Her works give way to subtle inversions, complex alignments and changes of position between the object and the subject, in a genuine game in which the viewer becomes voyeur, therapist and patient. She recommenced her activity in 2016 after a sabbatical pause from completing a master program at HS voor de Kunsten University in Utrecht, in 2012. During this time, she was confronted with issues about memory, family and kinship, identity and social emotions, themes which she has approached in her recent works, in solo and group exhibitions in Bucharest, London and Berlin.

Ioana Sisea | Untitled, mama series

4 knifes with the blade tips spelling the word “mama” and the artist’s first school notebook from 1995/red is her mother’s hand writing, blue is her own writing, 2017